The Dinning Divas – TABLE 8

It was the Dinning Divas night, and two of the divas didn’t show up, and that should have been a good indication things will not be perfect that evening, and traffic was awful, all the indications, it’s not the right night, but I must say, the company of the diva that did come, was fabulous, and I was glad two of us didn’t cancel as it was great chit chatter and I totally needed that. But onto the food portion of the evening. The reason we picked TABLE 8 was b/c it’s still the Winter Miami Spice and if ever, this was a great chance to go to the South Beach hot spot and plus, we are talking TABLE 8 – Executive Chef Govind Armstrong, nonetheless, the master of the cuisine and I just couldn’t wait for 7pm to meet the other Dinning Diva at this fabulous locale. The ambiance is amazing, outdoor seating is perfect for South Beach Ocean Drive, and the indoors were great too, just enough of dimmed lighting, good light techno music and waiters seamlessly moving through the restaurant and always there just when you need them but never in your sight, you just can’t ask for more than that. After carefully looking over the menu, I decided to opt out of the Miami Spice menu, and try things off the regular menu, as Miami Spice just didn’t do it for me. So my meal started like this:Appetizer: BURRATA: heirloom tomatoes, wild arugula, olive oil fried croutons, aged balsamic. It was DELICIOUSLY AMAZING – I should have just had this, it would have been sufficient. It was sweet, little zesty, refreshing and opulent.Entree: SKIRT STEAK – I am sure you are not surprised about this choice, right?!?! It was a lot of steak, and I am talking A LOT of steak…First, we waited for the entrees to arrive for over 45 minutes. 4 tables around us received all of their meals, coffee and checks and they were seated after us, and our steaks still didn’t arrive, so we finally said something to our waiter and it was an usual response “it’s the kitchen’s fault” and I completely understand that answer, and he did offer us a martini on the house, which was nice, since they were $14 each, but it must have not been so good, as I don’t even remember what it was, something with berries, but the ice-cubes were floating all over it… So anyway, once the steaks/entrees arrived, the steak was AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL – it tasted like it sat in lemon juice for hours. It was tough, lemony and no other taste to it. It was done medium just like I asked, but nothing else to it…I was expecting so much more and than on top of that, with the steak I got five, and no I am not kidding you 5 shoe strings of yucca fries, so I ordered a side order of Parmesan cheese fries, which were just delicious. So if I ever find my way back to TABLE 8, I will be ordering a glass of wine (no more cocktails for me), buratta and Parmesan cheese fries. Oh, let me just add this one other little tidbit, they include with the bill a 18% gratuity (which is normal for the Beach) and on top of that you get taxed a resort fee with the regular tax…I was floored. The tax at the end was 26%- a freaking 26%, yes, I won’t be making a trip back to TABLE 8 nor will I be recommending it in future.I had such high hopes and so much excitement for that evening, but unfortunately, it was really, really disappointing food wise and expensive. I really don’t mind spending money on a good meal, but this wasn’t even near good…So with that said, I hope February’s Dinning Divas will be a better experience, I need it. Until then, hopefully I will have some good food stories to tell.Enjoy the Parmesan cheese fries, they were delic 🙂

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