Easter Brunch at Michael’s Genuine

Ever since we moved to SFL, we started a tradition of going out for Easter Brunch. In the past we have always gone to the Front Porch, but it was time to change things a bit…or as I prefer to say it – add some spice to life;) I gave chef a choice of Area 31, Hakassan, and Michael’s Genuine. I’ve been wanting to try all three of them for brunch, so it didn’t really matter which one he chose. To my surprise, he chose We started off with deliciously refreshing and fizzy mimosas…They screamed summer!!!! I was so inspired with this mimosa, that immediately following our brunch I bought a bottle of orange juice and made some at home since we have three bottles of champagne sitting in the fridge…don’t ask why or how they got there…no one knows. As always I asked our waiter what he recommends, but since none of my choices were his recommendations, I went with my father’s good old saying – “Always go with your first choice. You won’t regret it”. Wow – was I delighted by the flavor of lightly smoked bacon. It was quite heavy for brunch, but simply delicious. I think from now on, I always want to eat my breakfast as a pizza… Breakfast Pizza – house smoked bacon, organic eggs, basil, onions and jack cheese Since Sunday officially marked the end of chef’s tortures diet, he had steak and eggs. The whole time he was eating it, he kept saying “What possessed me to order this?”. He liked his meal, but after trying mine, he was convinced that I made the better choice. The best part of his meal was the multi-grain bread with whipped cream and sea salt. After taking a bite of it, I could have easily asked for the whole loaf and just had that for brunch. The steak looks a bit burned on the picture, but it was really done rare….It had just the perfect amount of fat on the edges and it was quite juicy.Steak & Egg – grilled skirt steam and organic egg with multi-grain bread and whipped butter with sea salts Our brunch would have not been complete without a dessert. Since the chef’s diet ended, I didn’t feel guilty for ordering the biggest malted chocolate cupcake I have ever seen. This was a giant of cupcakes. It’s safe to say, we did not like this cupcake at all…Yeah right!!!!!! Don’t you worry, I ate all the crumbs…there was nothing left on that plate but the paper. I absolutely loved this brunch…everything was so fresh and delicious…..Of course, the outing would have not been complete if we didn’t have another parking situation, this time with the parking meter. Since we were running late, and surprise, surprise it was not my fault, I ran into the restaurant so they wouldn’t give our table away, the chef was left outside to take care of the parking. According to chef, the parking meter charged his credit card but did not give him the receipt to display in the window so he had to purchase it again and now he is disputing the charges with the City of Miami….Perhaps I should start a blog on parking, valeting, meters and such….it’s always an adventure.

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