Ethiopian Cuisine

A very good friend of mine invited me and the hubbs to join her family for dinner at an Ethiopian Restaurant – Sheba and my first thought was, I don’t know about this – Ethiopian food…what is to eat? what could the cuisine be like? is this even considered a cuisine, well let me tell you…boy was I wrong. If I ever wanted that element of surprise going to a new restaurant, I certainly got it this past Friday. It was a true cultural adventure, leaving the comfort zone of Latin and Italian food, this was a true discovery. Sheba restaurant was tucked away in a Design District but once you open the door, you enter this really funky modern, hip but culturally aware place and as you walk in the aroma just takes it over. Since I was there with culinary journalist, I decided to follow her lead and let her order the food for the evening. So she chose – Best of the Best at Shiba’s – combination of four meats and 4 side dishes (vegetables) and 2 appetizers – shrimp in this amazing spicy sauce and meatballs. The best of everything was eating the food with fingers. Of course, the amateur in me asked for a fork and knife and the waiter politely asked that we use our fingers and use the flatbread (INJERA). The taste was fantastic – it was aromatic, it reminded me of sour bread crepes, but slightly different. From appetizers, to entrees to wine, atmosphere – it was amazing, but as always I was looking for a finishing touch of a desert and was let down a little bit…there was not one single desert on the menu that took my breath away. All the deserts on the list were your typical deserts…cheesecake, chocolate mousse, three ice cream flavors…nothing spectacular and I was really looking for a perfect finishing touch. But don’t get discouraged because the Ethiopian food was a true cultural experience and an amazing cuisine.xoxo until next restaurant experience

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