Frugal February Challenge

[source]I made couple of resolutions this year but I decided to play it smart this year and not try to work on them all at once. I decided to spread them out throughout the year. I actually decided to create habits and not just short term changes. 
Of course one of the resolutions was to get better at increasing my savings. I do the usual 10% and some other stuff, but I really need to curb my spending. More so the mindless spending. And it just happens that one of my favorite bloggers wrote about curbing her spending and starting a Frugal February!!!! I guess some things are just meant to be, no!?!
If you think about it, there is no better month than February to try to curb my spending – it’s a short month – how difficult can it be!!!
So what is this all about – Frugal February isn’t about sacrificing fun or happiness to save a couple of dollars.  It’s about finding ways to alter my current spending without drastically altering my lifestyle.  It’s about finding ways of cutting costs so that I can use that money for more important things such as this.
The challenge is to reign in the spending, to find ways of cutting the unnecessary expenses. The only trick is to figure out which are the necessities and which are not – like coloring my hair, bi-monthly mani/pedis, daily Starbucks, stopping by the Whole Foods and leaving with food goodies that were not part of the list, $100 visits to Target, buying books when I have 60+ of them on bookshelves that I haven’t read yet…yeah, I should probably stop right now. I think I know what are my unnecessary spendings.

You are probably wondering what is the prize for this challenge – more money in my pocket. The best prize ever!
I read this awesome “Frugal February Oath” here: “I vow, for the month of February to avoid shopping for anything other than essentials.”
I will be exploring my own closet, de-cluttering, organizing, utilizing all that I already have and not buy anything new and along the ways save money. I will be checking in, tweeting (#frugalfeb) and of course providing you with updates every Sunday night. What do you think, you want to join me? 
Of course all of this de-cluttering and organizing is another challenge I am taking on…but more about that tomorrow 😉


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