Meatless Mondays – Not This Monday

I am back, I planned a weekly menu, the chef cooked, but I completely forgot about the Meatless Monday. Oh well, we will have a meatless Wednesday, since tomorrow we are having pork chops. Oh the irony from pork chops to vegetarian, that’s what I call a balance!

So tonight, the chef made a simple and quick meal – baked chicken, rice and peas. If you take each part of this meal, they are chefs’ favorite foods. Not sure he liked tonight’s meal – his words exactly “The rice kind of tastes fake”.  I agreed with him… Other than the rice, I loved the chicken and the peas – delic! The peas are becoming my favorite 🙂

While grocery shopping yesterday, the Uncle Ben’s quick rice – the microwavable kind, was on sale, so we picked up for packets. On top of the sale, I had some coupons, so the 4 packets were total of $2.50!!! Price wise, this was a great score, taste wise – well, you get what you pay for.

This afternoon was one of the best afternoons I have had in a very long time. I came home and my little munchkin smiled at me as soon as she saw me. She started laughing, babbling, kicking her feet and I loved every moment of it.

We practiced tummy time, rolling over and reaching. These moments with my baby girl our absolutely priceless. The best of all are her giggles and babbling – absolutely hysterical. Oh, and my little one has a new nickname – KIKI.  The chef kept calling her peanut and since I exclusively speak to her in Croatian, I said to her one day kiki-riki, which means peanut, and she laughed so hard when I said it, so since than KIKI it is. I think she loves it. She has the best grin on her face when we call her Kiki.

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