Summertime is here


Summertime is here! I
wish my plans called for some beach time and vacation! Instead, I will be
spending some time grounded with no travel in-sight and getting ready for the
big move. The last few weeks have been busy, whirl-wind busy.  I feel whooped…weary…bone-tired.  And it’s only the beginning
of June, oh wait it’s mid June already! 
But really, it has been nothing but good things, a lot of good
things. The good news is that I think this week is the home stretch and I can
finally get back in the saddle again with my daily routine.!

Operation “get
my house in order” will commence as well. Kiki and I are getting ready for
the big move and before anything gets packed, each room will pass a detailed
clean-up/de-cluttering process so no extras will be coming with us. Basically,
I have a lot on my to-do list, but I have no fear! Hopefully I will conquer all my projects and
have time to squeeze in an evening on the patio or a day at a beach. And
somewhere along the ways make beautiful memories.

Q: Any summer plans?
Vacations? Travel? Staycation?

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