Tangy and Grainy with a lot of Love

I’ve been dreaming of ROK:BRGR burgers since last time I was there [which now seems like long long long time ago], so tonight’s dinner was completely inspired by the wants and desires of having a burger. I could have used one of their signature cocktails too, after a day I have had, but I opted to leave that for the weekend and indulged in water with lemon. 

Instead I did a little bit of a fridge clean-up and came up with my own version of “signature burger” with mustard aioli mayo + pepper jack cheese + avocado + arugula with a side of three bean salad. Phew that was a mouthful to write out! I must say it hit the spot and of course it was Kiki approved. 

The key to this tasty burger was definitely mustard aioli mayo – tangy and grainy. I really shouldn’t be calling it a mayo, because it was really more like a salad dressing, and it will be making an appearance on my salads soon again.

Kiki’s dinner was a little bit more de-constructed than mine and it did not include aioli mayo due to the raw egg. She cleaned up her plate and helped herself with some more of the three-bean salad from my plate. As I was cleaning up the kitchen, she looked at the leftovers and promptly brought her school lunch bag and said “mama lunch?” I guess we know what she’s having for lunch tomorrow 😉

I am still feeling like crap – it’s official, I have upper respiratory infection and thank God the antibiotics are finally kicking in. But my coughing is still persistent and absolutely exhausting. Though I like to claim – I clean as I cook and this meal doesn’t seem like it was difficult to make, somehow it took every ounce out of me to put it together and my kitchen still looks like a disaster. ….. but it was totally worth it. Kiki was happy and it temporarily satisfied my need for ROK:BRGR….that is until this weekend.

Mustard Aioli Mayo/Salad Dressing Fauxfoodiegirl Version

1 1/2 tablespoons dijon mustard1 large egg yolk2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice1/2 cup olive oil2 tablespoons whole grain mustard1mn tablespoon horseradisha pinch of salt + pepper

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