Yet again I was inspired to get the weekly menu and grocery shopping done early in the weekend. It certainly helped that I received a new issue of Martha Stewart’s “Every Day Cooking” with so many yummy recipes, which inspired this week’s eats. As I was looking over the menu and all the ingredients, I […]

Chef’s work started on a Sunday this week, so our meals were a little off…We started off with a very, very late breakfast of mushroom, spinach and feta cheese omelette. I had mine with the Peppridge Farm Whole Wheat Thins with a little bit of Siracha. I am not the one to eat very spicy […]

Usually I am stressing out about the weekly menu on a Sunday night, but not this time around. I was way ahead of the game this weekend – the menu and the shopping was done on Saturday!!!! Actually everything on my TO DO list for the weekend was done by noon on Saturday. Partially because […]

It’s been “No Reservations” kind of a night. One of my favorite TV channels was showing “No Reservations” movie tonight and I loved it. Actually, I loved it so much, that I watched it twice in a row if that tells you anything. Well how could I not? It was about all of my favorite […]

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