I arrived home last night and headed straight to yoga. Pressure of projects and deadlines was really getting to me and I didn’t feel like running, so yoga it was. It felt marvelous. We did a lot of breathing exercises and leg stretches. I admit, I WAS one of those people that believed that yoga […]

While I was out on the trail (the newly discovered running path), I got a message from the chef “I am feeling lazy. I am definitely not cooking tonight. I cooked on my birthday”. Even though he stopped at the grocery store and bought everything that we planned on having for dinner, cooking wasn’t happening. […]


My new job has many great perks, but my favorite is that the chef makes a delicious breakfast after we get back from the morning run. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of a day, but the new favorite among the breakfast choices has become the egg sandwich.I have suddenly developed a great love […]

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