4th of July Festivities

Hello and welcome to Monday, ergh…I mean Thursday! I am so confused with what day it is. On Tuesday I thought it was Friday, yesterday I thought it was Saturday, this morning I thought it was Monday. But I have to admit, I loved having a day off – this whole working 2 days, one day off , work 2 days and than weekend – not so shabby, right!

Anywho…How was your 4th? We had a great day! We spent a day lounging around, eating good food, wing judging, doing blind beer tastings and a lot of pool frolicking 😉

Obviously the theme of the party was 4th of July and everyone got dressed in the spirit of the holiday! Can you tell everyone went to Old Navy and got the red-white-blue gear;) and added their own flair to it – I loved it!

Lexi wasn’t sure what to make out of some of outfits, but than again she gives me that look every day too…

She was having loads of fun – running around and doing her own thing.

 Ever since we moved to Florida, the chef has “self-adopted” himself to the “E” family, hence him in every family photo and of course, how we get invited to all the family gatherings. But truthfully, the “E” family is amazing and I love spending time with them.

The food…oh my the food. Not only is the “E” family amazing, but the food at their gatherings is D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!!!!

Cold Crab Salad

Potato salad, pasta salad and black bean corn chickpea salad

 So once a year, at the “E” family gatherings they organize a culinary competition – cupcake, pizza, etc, this time around it was WINGS COMPETITION. There were 8 teams and each team had to prepare 18 wings and they were judged on presentation, taste and originality. There were so many wordly (don’t think this is a word, but) flavors – mexican, thai, indian, american, asian…some spicy, some hot. And the best part of it all – I was one of the lucky 5 judges. Yup, I got to taste it ALL!

These were the winning wings – blue cheese, spicy, mango chutney…mouthwatering!!!!

We came home well past Kiki’s bead time, so we all passed out well before 10pm – totally unheard of for the Fauxfoodies, but for the first time in a very long time, I woke up this morning completely well rested! What a great feeling after such a beautiful day spent with people we love and consider our family! “Es” thank you for having us!!!!!


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