5 on Friday (and some more)

This week, and like all others, absolutely flew by…Ask me what I have done, where I have been, whom I have seen and we may need a lot more than one cup of joe (or glass of vino…you know my preference) to get us through this conversation. But when I really think about it, I wouldn’t want it any other way. With weeks like the one behind me I feel like I am truly living and taking it all in and doing the best I can. And the best part about it, I don’t feel guilty about any of it…I have stopped with thoughts, “I wish I had more time”, “I wish I did this or that”, “I wish I finished this”, “I wish I saw”, “I wish, I wish…” I am doing it, and I am doing it the best I can and I am happy with it! 

I must say though, I am happy the weekend is here. I am happy that this is my weekend with Kiki. I have a few things planned for us, but mostly I want to enjoy the simple things with her. I want to have fun. I want to feel the sun on my skin. I want to hear belly laughter and indulge in hummus like only Kiki knows how to! So with that said, I better go get that hummus, we have none left in the house right now…

1. As an iPhone user from day one, I’m ashamed I didn’t know ANY of these things.

2. The argument for more hugs (as if we needed one).

3. Since I’m such a type geek, I love writing utensils. These pencils from Kate Spade have my eye.

4. I’ve been stalking this food styling board on Pinterest. Simply gorgeous.

5. I’m in love with this Cookbook in a Box. Great design, beautiful pics, and bridging online with offline. Brilliant! 

6. Why haven’t I thought of this – Kiki will love it!

What are you planning on doing this weekend? 

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