5 on Friday

Who else is doing the Friday dance?! This week did a number on me. Friday couldn’t come fast enough. Fridays are meant for tying up loose ends and making way for the weekend. I am ready!… Lots to look forward to this weekend!  

My favorite post of the week “5 on Friday” is officially back. Some weeks I consider changing the name of it to “The Friday Fifteen” because there is just so much I want to share, say, show you… But alas, ain’t nobody got time for that.

1. My obsession with winter white has spiraled out of control. I want everything in my life to be winter white. Everything.

2. A few weeks ago I lived my 5 Minutes of Fame! I attended the RICEFEST event [for which I won tickets over Twitter, I never win anything so that was amazing] and as I was getting a drink, when two women approached me and squealed “Oh my God, you are the Fauxfoodiegirl! Where’s Kiki?” – obviously, we know who is the real star of this blog! 

3. I should take their advice on How to Photograph Food. Verily Magazine nailed it!

4. 18 daily habits “The Kitchn” editors rely on to stay motivated and inspired in our everyday cooking 

5. If you are in the process of cleaning, organizing, decluttering, don’t forget your email inbox. The easiest way to accomplish just that – Unroll.me. Absolutely brilliant! Can I just say, it might have changed my life!

Today I’m linking up with Natasha and the Girls for FIVE ON FRIDAY chat!

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