Aaah, the world of cupcakes

Is there anything more delicious, more delicate, more trendy than a cupcake…I hardly doubt that. Yes, I am a fan, a big fan, fan to the point that I will drive over 40 miles to go to the opening of the new cupcake store in Coral Gables…join me, it will be deliciously fun…I had few extra minutes today so I decided to “google” words cupcake and Miami and more than 10,000 different postings came up, and more than 5 pages were serious stuff – listing of all the bakeries around town selling cupcakes, promoting small home businesses, and one thought that I was left with…what is the profit margin on selling cupcakes??? It has to be huge, especially if you operate from home and there are no overhead costs like store space…a business idea you might add πŸ™‚ Aah, who knows, but it seems something that even I the FAUX FOODIE could do…or should I just stay with my “tasting” business, it’s fun:)

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