Alexis is 5 Months Old

My dear Lexi,
You are 5 months old. Wow, where has the time flown? It feels as though just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. I just need to freeze time and stop it right now. I am not a fan of this growing up business. 

Right now, you are the sweetest little girl. You smile whenever anyone looks at you. You are easy to please. I know the day will come when all of this will change, but for now, I cherish it with all my heart.
Lately you’ve been rolling all over the place. All of a sudden one morning you just started rolling and didn’t stop.You love to be in an upright position and push off with your little strong legs. You love to sit in our laps and just hang out! As far as your toys go, you tolerate the Bumbo and the Mamaroo for a little while, but you are growing out of Mamaroo fast. You still love your blue chair as we call it and the jungle gym is the most exciting place for you. I am excited for you to start sitting up, but I also don’t want to wish the next milestone to come. It all just goes by so quickly.
Food – We started adding a spoon of rice cereal at 4 months to your bottle feeding but waiting for the spoon feeding…I think both daddy and I are afraid you won’t like it and than what!?!
You are constantly watching what we are doing and are very observant. You also are very interested in TV, I wonder where you get that gene from;)?!! You love “Old McDonald” baby Einstein videos. Heck, you love ALL baby Einstein videos. We try not to have it on when you’re in the room because you will not take your eyes off of it. Someday I’ll let you watch it! 
You have found your toes:) They are rolled up in this tight little ball as you hold onto them and stretch to get them towards your mouth. Most times, you socks end up in your mouth. You love to do this especially at the diaper time change. You suck on your fingers constantly. As a matter of fact you are always chewing on something and you are a drooling machine. We change your bib at least 4-5 times a day!!!
You laugh and talk all the time – it’s such a funny, infectious sound! We do crazy things to make you laugh because it’s the best sound I’ve ever heard. 
You love to go for our early morning or evening walks. Most of the time, you are wide awake and looking around. You still tolerate the car rides, probably because you fall asleep within a few minutes. But for some reason as soon as we get one on the street next to our house you start crying – why? I guess we’ll never know 🙂
And best of all, you love to touch my face and explore with your little fingers. Now this melts my heart!!!! And when I kiss you, you kiss me back – well, at least I think this is a kiss. You slobber all over my face and I love it.
We love you so much and I look each and every day and the person you are becoming!
Mommy5 month StatsWeight: 15 lbsHeight: 27 inches (you’re so tall) Clothes: 6 months is your perfect fitDiaper: still wearing size 1 for day and 2 for night (Pampers 12 hour)Eating: every 3 hours, 6-7 ounces per bottle


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