and I am back…

If you have been wondering where I have been, I’ll let you know in a second. If you haven’t, well I will let you know anyway. I might have not been blogging, but I have certainly eaten. Both the chef and I have been traveling, so I never planned our weekly menu. While the chef was galavanting around the world, I reverted back to my college days of petit buerres and milk, hummus and cheese, freshly baked cookies and ice-cream cones. Well, there were some fruits and veggies here and there, one of two smoothies, a few oatmeals, but all in all nothing worth blogging.

But the following week, well, I think pictures tell it all…

Just so you know, each night I ordered bread pudding – the best dessert ever. I must learn how to make it, pronto!

The travel was great, but coming home is priceless….

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