Baby Stuff Shopping is Exhausting & Breakfast Challenge – Day 7

Everyone is telling me rest now, because when the baby comes, you won’t have time. But no one told me that preparing for baby’s arrival is exhausting. So after 2:43 minutes of Baby’s R USshopping, both the chef and I were starving, so we picked up some gyros and fries at the local Gyro Shop.Amazing lunch!!! I am not sure if it was really that amazing or was I just incredibly hungry. I had a little feta cheese, which made a world of difference. I can’t wait for the time I can eat anything I want – blue cheese, prosciutto, smoked salmon, oh the list is long.We split the fries – a very good decision as the portions are really generous (read: HUGE). They were crunchy and salty, just the way I like them.The bagel had an abundance of vegetable cream cheese. I hate to admit it, but I still prefer D&D’s vegetable cream cheese. The good thing about the cream cheese were the chunks of veggies – I bet there was a whole pepper and scallion cut up in one sandwich. What you see is only a half, the other half was eaten in the car as I was starving and could not wait to eat like every civilized person at the table. I blame it on the pregnancy hunger – I mUST EAT NOW syndrome!!!So, yes, I kind of cheated at the end of the breakfast challenge. But it’s really due to the lack of groceries in the Faux Foodie casa. I had plenty of the ideas, but just no ingredients. So to make up to you all, I will continue with the breakfast challenge next week or as long as I don’t run out of the ideas.

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