Back on the trails

Last week I signed up for the ING Miami 1/2 Marathon and made a promise to myself to begin running…and I was up and awake by 6:30am and on the trails by 7am. The goal this year is to beat my time. I have consistently been running 11min/miles and I really want to improve to 10min/mile. So to do that, I joined the Gold Coast Runners Club and the SOBE NIKE Running Group and I am on my way. I also promised that I will train smart this time. I have full 7 months to accomplish this goal, which means: eating properly, running 3 times a week and 2x strength training. To just remember that all of this started because of my BEFORE I TURN 30 list and look at me now, it’s addicting…So this morning, I went for 3.2 miles in the hot, humid, steamy Florida weather and by the time I returned I was soaking wet. Even though I complain a LOT about humidity, it felt amazingly invigorating to come home and finish a great run. For breakfast I had a delicious bowl of maple oatmeal with flax seeds, left over fruit salad and a spoon of natural peanut butter. I promise, oatmeal was under the fruit salad. I love Saturday mornings as I cam make delicious and fulfilling breakfast and enjoy every bite of it.I am off now to run few errands and than finally relax by the pool…there are good sides to living in Florida 🙂

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  • ina
    June 23, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    Go Girl! Two tumbs up!


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