Bajadera – queen of chocolates

I am completely addicted to chocolate. There is nothing more that I enjoy than chocolate, any day, anywhere, but only one kind – milk chocolate. And if I really want a treat, I like to have some BAJADERA. Bajadera is the queen of chocolates, fine nougat blended with almonds which gives a unique, recognizable flavor. The best way for me to enjoy a bajadera is to eat them cold so that the chocolate and almond/hazelnut parts separate and melt under my tongue…the longer they melt, the better they taste. And if I eat a cold bajadera all I need is two pieces instead of the whole box, you see there are tricks to be used when enjoying chocolate guilt free.BAJADERA is characterized by its rich taste, because in addition to hazelnuts it also contains almonds. Its uniqueness and delicate melting quality result from an original and protected Kras recipe, according to which sugar, almonds and hazelnuts are processed in a special way. Such an exceptional, rich taste of the new dessert inspired Kras’s creative team and the exotic name of BAJADERA was born. Bajaderes were the elegant temple dancers of India. Therefore we like to say that BAJADERA combines Central European tradition in the production of fine desserts with oriental richness of taste. The quality of BAJADERA has been recognized with a number of awards, including several Monde Selection Gold Medals. BAJADERA is the first Croatian sweet product that has won the Croatian Creation label by the Croatian Chamber of Economy, for its original and unique composition and for its high and reliable quality. BAJADERA is made of high-quality ingredients the origin of which is strictly controlled. Apart from the enjoyment it provides when consumed, BAJADERA is nutritionally an exceptionally valuable product, too. The latest research has proved that BAJADERA’s principal ingredients – hazelnuts and almonds – are useful in the prevention of heart disease; they reduce cholesterol and contain dietary fibres. Therefore, we can say that our BAJADERA fits in well with an increasingly present trend in the food industry, the trend of the functional food. So when I eat bajadera I always tell myself that I am doing something good for my health:)I am so enamored with the taste of bajadera that I always thought if I think this is an amazing piece of chocolate someone else must agree with me and so I discovered that the Bajadera won the Monde Selection Gold Medal in 1998 as well as having received numerous quality awards before that. So if you ever want to surprise me with something sweet or just surprise me, bring me some bajadera and I will love you forever. And lucky you or really, lucky me, nowadays you can buy bajadera in the US. enjoy it, I know you will love it.

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