Best Intentions

I/We had the best intentions of eating home tonight. We had all the ingredients – pasta, tomato sauce, chicken, goat cheese, spinach and zucchini, all the house chores were done, and than somehow, time and intentions got away and we had take out. I guess it’s something that happens often when you have a newborn.

We ordered prosciutto and mushroom “Anthony’s Pizza”. It was crunchy, salty and a little burnt. But one thing that is just perfect about their pizza is the sauce. It has the right acidity, sweetness and saltiness – in one word – Perfect!!!

But before the whole dinner ordeal, I had an amazing day – it was so relaxing. I woke up pretty early with Mili-Mali and after our morning feeding, she took another nap and I finished a few things around the house (laundry, cleaning, paying bills). All this before the sun came up. And around noon, I had my first massage since giving birth – it was divine. I felt so relaxed and may I say, a little drunk….something I will definitely be repeating every 2 weeks. An hour massage is exactly what my body and mind need right now – worth every penny or even skipping bi-weekly pedicure.

After my hour of relaxation I stopped by the “STILES FARMERS MARKET”. If you live in Pembroke Pines, you must come by and see it for yourself – undeniably the freshest and cheapest vegetables and fruits in town.

I absolutely can’t believe the amount of food that I purchased for $16…. If I were buying this at my local grocery store or Whole Foods, I would have definitely paid double or triple for the same foods-chi-ching savings. I vow to never shop for fresh foods anywhere else but Stile Farmers Market, and if you live around here, you should too…

Here is what $16 got me:

  • Apples
  • Orange pepper
  • Red pepper
  • Green pepper
  • Zucchini
  • Young onions (the long green ones)
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Peaches
  • Nectarines
  • Pineapple
  • Blueberries
  • Red Onion
  • 3 mini foccacia breads

Not bad for $16, right?

Since I have seen the sun come up and go down, it’s time for me to hit the hay. I am sure Mili-Mali will be calling my name soon….

But before I do that, here is the obligatory Mili-Mali photo of the day – the girls went out for a walk this evening, and it was delightful – everyone behaved 😉

xoxo, the Faux Foodie Girl

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