The BIG Day and Cupcake Obsession

I have always been big on celebrating my birthdays, as a matter of fact, I have always celebrated my birthday month, why just limit myself to a day, when there is a whole month. And this year, it’s really a big and significant birthday that I am celebrating – 30th!!!!I am truly and honestly excited about this birthday. I am in place where I always thought I would be at the mature and wise age of 30 (minus the baby…)and happy with my life and why not celebrate this big day in grand style. After all, I am a Taurus and we like things to be done in grand style.So for my big day, I am planning a party-a fairly big party and according to the hubbs, I am acting worst then for putting together our wedding. I am literary obsessing over everything: Guest list, food, drinks, deserts, decorations, music, clothing, schedule for the whole weekend – I am approaching this like one of my trade shows – full operations plan…crazy, right??? Well, not really. By occupation you could call me an event/meeting planner, so people always have really HIGH expectations of parties that are put together by event planners, and I don’t want to let anyone down and mostly I don’t want to let myself down. So what’s cooking…all kind of things, but the most stressful thing right now is the cake – do I hire someone to make 50 cup cakes or do I attempt to make it myself or do I buy one big cake…Don’t forget I am no baker, so maybe this is not an even to show off my no existent baking skill. I am hoping to resolve this issue today, by visiting couple of bakeries on my way home and put this issue to bed.

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