Big Day – Pregnant in Heels Part II

I was in a hurry this morning – we had a perinatal appointment this morning and the big surprise of a day was the 3D Ultrasound. The purpose of this appointment was to find out how everything is going – Mili-Mali’s size, length, development, etc and once we found out that all is on target (she weighs 6.5lbs) the ultrasound specialist showed us Mili-Mali in 3D. I could not believe what I was seeing – we saw her face so clearly – every single line, her lips, her nose, her eyes, 5 fingers even toes!!! It was the best experience yet. Now every time I think about her, I see this little face – isn’t she just the cutest!!! Only a few more weeks, I can’t wait to meet her in person – I am ready!!!!Before the incredible appointment, I had a quick breakfast. These days it’s my go-to breakfast when in hurry.

  • Toasted wheat Arnold bread
  • Smucker’s Honey peanut butter
  • Flax Seeds
  • Crofter’s South American Jelly
  • 1/2 Bananas

I am loving the South American Crofter’s jelly – it’s my favorite of all the flavors and one that I keep going back for at the Fresh Market. I see a trip in my future as a jar is almost empty. The thing is the jar is so small so I don’t feel as guilty for eating it so quickly, as in a week πŸ˜‰The sous-chef shared some banana slices with me…as usual. This was a very filling breakfast – I actually didn’t eat lunch till very late (2pm) and it was my another in a hurry lunch on a go – Panera Bread…. Unfortunately no photo – I felt really odd taking a photo of my lunch in front of my boss – he still doesn’t know about my little blog, so we shall keep it this way for a little longer.Dinner – well, from all the excitement of today and some other minor set-backs, the chef didn’t get around of making dinner till 8:30pm and once he saw that the original dinner plan – tilapia with mango sauce and rice takes 1 hour and 5 minutes to prepare, he changed the plans really quickly and we ate before 9pm.I got to give him credit – dinner was still delicious – panko breaded tilapia and jasmine rice with green peas. At first I thought this would be a dry meal and would need some type of sauce/cream, but the rice was really moist. The only thing I wished for was some tartar sauce – it would have been perfect for the breaded tilapia, next time though.I love seeing peas in my food – they always make me happy!We watched the “Fighter” tonight – it was really a slow movie, but Christian Bale most definitely deserved an Oscar for his role – he was fantastic!!! Even though I didn’t like his character, he has done an extraordinary job!!! I also watched Rosie Pope’s “Pregnant in Heels” – love, love, love the absurdity of her clients – it seems as though with each episode the clients get crazier. I already can’t wait for next week’s episode!!

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