Birthday Celebrations Continued

To continue the low key birthday celebrations, the chef and I decided to try out a new running trail. My running group meets on certain days at the >>>>>>> Park, and it’s all trail running. I decided that the chef would love it there. It’s a nice 4.5 miles loop. We ran through woods, even had some incline, through horse ranches, along the tropical park and looped back to the park. It was so nice to escape the city and be one with the nature.We both agreed that we fall in a rut of always running the same route around the house. It gets really boring day after day to run the same 4-6 miles. With so many parks in the Broward county, we agreed that from now on, every weekend (when both of us are in town of course), we will explore a new park. Be it running, biking or walking. The park closes at 8pm and by the time we looped back we barely had time to walk for a few minutes and stretch before we were asked to leave. It’s incredible what you can find if you branch out or go in a different direction. This park is only 10 minutes away from our house, but neither of us ever noticed it before.I knew chef didn’t want to go out for his birthday, but rather stay at home and enjoy a healthy meal. Now take a look at this picture. If this is not an epitome of healthy clean eating, I don’t know what is. We had mojo marinated grilled chicken with steamed broccoli and seven grains mixture. When the chef served the meal and tasted the seven grains, he looked at me and said “Oh you will love this – it’s so weird tasting, it’s perfect for you!”. I wouldn’t say it was his favorite, but he said he wouldn’t mind having it again. Victory!!!!We spent the rest of the night relaxing, opening birthday cards and gifts and watching TV. It was one of those rare nights when we were both home and chilling.BTW, the chef loved my gift – it was a 100% score. I guess you can’t go wrong with Bass Pro Gift Cards. I am not a big fan of gift cards for the immediate family, but the things that he wants at Bass Pro I can’t even pronounce or know what they look like, so the gift card was perfect. Happy Birthday Chef!!!-The Faux Foodie Girl

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