Birthday Gifts Are Arriving

My first birthday gift arrived today – The egg sandwich included English muffins, tomatoes, baby spinach, 1/2 slice of pepper jack cheese and a little bit of butter – delicious. I know this is getting boring because I eat it every week, but I really like it. I wonder how I can change it up a bit – if you have any suggestions, let me know – I am always open to new suggestions.I had a really long day today and my breakfast did a great job keeping me full. I had my usual Panera Bread – almond chicken with grapes sandwich, but the office was buzzing with people today, so no lunch photos, but I took plenty of my dinner and I couldn’t decide which one to use tonight.I usually take about 10-15 photos of each meal and only about 2-3 make it to the blog. I haven’t gotten to the point of editing the photos yet, but I am looking into some programs/techniques to get more beautiful food photos on this blog.Tonight was the guy’s night, so the chef made a quick meal – chicken pita pockets. I actually love this meal. It’s so simple, five ingredients, it’s quick to make, it’s healthy and it is very tasty. It’s actually my other sister-in-laws’ Steph’s recipe and we love it. If you have noticed, it makes it on our menu very frequently.Ingredients:The best thing is this meal makes a great lunch for the next day… we all know what I’m having tomorrow ;)I am thinking of starting a weekly challenge – five ingredients meals. This will be great for next week as we are getting closer and closer to Mili-Mali’s arrival and it will make it less stressful for the chef to make dinners. If there are any suggestions for meals you would like the chef to make – email me! I am also thinking of making the recipe page so there is a quick referral to the meals the chef has made in the past. Why am I coming up with all these ideas just in time for Mili-Mali’s arrival, as if I won’t have my hands full. Speaking of Mili-Mali, I really want her to come soon – I am ready!!!!

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