Breakfast Challenge – Day 2

Today is the second day of my breakfast challenge. I had something very different in mind last night before I went to bed, but the chef suggested he would make the breakfast this morning. Egg sandwich it was. But it wasn’t my usual egg sandwich. Today’s egg sandwich included toasted NAAN bread, one egg, 2 slices of ham, cheddar cheese and two sliced tomatoes. Why have I never thought of putting ham and tomatoes before? Both added so much flavor. I think I was most excited about the tomatoes. The sweet and flavorful tomatoes were bought in Costco this weekend, but are actually from a Homestead farm – yippee for local foods!!! I know this seems like my usual breakfast but with all the new additions, this qualified as something different. Chef thought it was a bit heavy with NAAN bread, cheddar and bacon, but not to me. It was a perfect breakfast for me that kept me full till 1pm lunch time.


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