Breakfast…any time of a day

If I could eat one thing all day long it would be breakfast. My favorite thing to eat for lunch – anything breakfast. My favorite dinner meal – anything breakfast. So being that I am home today, I decided to take some time and enjoy my favorite meal of a day. I am usually eating breakfast on the run – green monster or oatmeal, so today was a special treat – pantry in the cereal bowl.Pretty much everything that I found in my pantry ended up in the cereal bowl:my favorite cereal – Nature’s Path Organic Granola Flex with Omega 3 Topped with Uncle Sam’s cereal, goji berries, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, dried raspberries, almondssome banana and fresh strawberries and a spoon of Dark Chocolate Dreams (peanut butter blended with rich dark chocolate). Even though it is pretty chilly (for S. FL standards) outside, I decided to enjoy my breakfast in the back yard. I often forget how peaceful and calming it is to sit outside. I read somewhere that it’s the first thing of a day that we do is what determines how our day will go. So hopefully today will be nothing but relaxing, calming and peaceful. I guess I better ignore a mile long to do list.

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