Buena Vista Bistro

Lately my after-work social calendar has been insane, leaving me with very little ME time, so have decided to make some changes. Too many times I don’t know how to say no, or can’t resist the opportunity to see a friend or try out a new restaurant. So instead, I have designated one night to socializing and one lunch away from my desk.So today was the first of many lunches to come. I met Jen (you many recognize the name from the Dinning Divas posts/recaps) at the newly opened restaurant – Buena Vista Bistro. There’s been a lot of buzz about this place, so we figured it was a good place to meet up on Thursday afternoon and treat ourselves to a nice lunch. All I can say is getting away from my desk is a treat in itself. It makes the afternoon so much more pleasant no matter the task.When I walked-in, for a moment I thought I was transported to Paris and I was flooded with memories of my Christmas vacation…. There was even french spoken by a couple sitting close by. The menu was written on a chalkboard in the back and specials were listed on the side, while the wine menu was scribbled on the mirrors. There was absolutely no need for the real menu – how green of them ;-). I really liked that the walls were decorated with old photos of the Buena Vista neighborhood. I felt as though I could have stayed there all afternoon and chatted while sipping some vino. What a relaxing atmosphere….As per usual, I knew what I wanted to have for lunch before I even got there (thank you Internet). All I had on my mind were crab cakes on a bed of salad and some home made french fries. And that is exactly what I had. It would have been perfect lunch if I had a glass of wine, but since I still had to get back to the office, I decided water will have to do.The crab cake was delicious – a really nice size and it had perfect amounts of lump crab and very little filling. What I really enjoyed was the lime that it was served with instead of a lemon, oh those little surprises. The french fries were awesome….I literary devoured them. There was really nothing special to them, crispy, crunchy and lightly coated with sea salt. I could have easily eaten the whole plate by myself, but I was sharing….(yes, a strange concept for me, but I am working on it).Jen ordered lamb chops served on a vegetable medley…..they were so cute – tinny, but satisfying. I usually don’t write about other people’s food unless I try it, but I couldn’t resist the cuteness of these baby lamb chops.I loved that the restaurant was only 10 minutes away from my office, accessible parking, service was the usual Miami if you know what I mean, but better than the beach, and the prices were very wallet friendly…I think I have found myself a new lunch spot….

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