Calling-in Sick

Someone once told me when you are a mom, there are no sick days. Kids don’t accept calling in sick. Ain’t that the truth!

Well I am sick as a dog. And I don’t do sick well. I am one of those sick people that complains, whines, moans and groans, and as much as I try to put on the “healthy” face, it just doesn’t work. But with Kiki needing me 24-7 (who is also getting sick) and with Sous-Chef recovering from her surgery, there is no time for being sick. The life goes on.  So I went to the pharmacy and got every over the counter medication promising miracles, searched left and right on-line for every possible natural remedy hoping that in 24 hours I will feel better. But until then, that life that I mentioned earlier, required that I put on the apron and get the dinner and lunch for tomorrow ready. So I cooked. 

I tried this recipe. Yum! I mean how couldn’t it be good – mini meatloaf oozing with cheddar cheese.  

I also roasted some brussels sprouts for a side dish. We all know how much I love those. Just in case you need a recipe – cut the brussels sprout in half, lightly coat with olive oil and sprinkle with coarse sea salt and roast at 400F for 20 minutes. Voila! Not sure if Kiki will like those, but I have some broccoli on hand, she never says no to broccoli. 

These little meatloaves were such a cute a fun twist on the regular meatloaf. Anything miniature is always extra cute. And I probably sound like a broken record, but it was quick and easy, perhaps not the healthiest (hello cheddar), but certainly delicious and plenty of leftovers….

Q: How did you survive Monday?

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