The Case of Mondays

Mondays are never easy. Mondays are a lot to handle. Mondays require a lot of love and tenderness. They take a lot to survive. And nothing says comfort and love, as much as pizza does.
My Monday was interesting. Well, if trying to get through 347 emails is what you call interesting, than yes. I hate to admit, I have yet to get through more than half of them. Argh…emails mean projects and I hate leaving any emails in my Inbox. If an email is left in my Inbox that means the project is not done. Let’s just say I will be busy going through my emails all day tomorrow. Yup, this email project will be DONE.
After work, Kiki and I ran a few errands, including a trip to Target and Home Goods – my favorite two places with endless possibilities. I bought a beautiful art piece for my home office. Can’t wait to show it to you…actually can’t wait to show you the whole remodeled office – it’s such an opposite of what it used to be. But just a few more pieces need to come together until the big reveal.
But let’s get back to pizza.
After Kiki went to sleep, I sat down to enjoy a delicious, comforting and spicy Thai chicken pizza. I know today is a Meatless Monday, but the pizza dough needed to be used, so thai chicken pizza it was.
This was such an easy pizza. Well, easy for me to say because I didn’t make it, but the chef says, easy peasy, so I’ll go with that. But I can say 100% it was delicious!!!! With only 5 ingredients, how couldn’t it be – pizza dough (thank you Publix), chicken, mozzarella, thai peanut sauce and scallions. Maybe the chef can provide you with details in comments section. So spicy! So satisfying! Thank God, I have leftovers for tomorrow.
Q: How do you survive Mondays?

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