Catch Me If You Can and Small Victories….

Perhaps you caught on, but the traveling season has begun in the Faux Foodie household. We are on a quest to get as many miles as possible in the shortest time frame. OK, not really, but it certainly seems that way. With the chef leaving for the fishing season and who knows where else, in the next six weeks I will be jetting off to Montreal, San Juan, Montego Bay, Chicago and last stop, Portland. The weekly menu will be put on hold until the craziness ends, but I will be certain to write about all the foodie adventures, so be sure to check-in.In the mean time, let me share a little victory with you…I am officially an The 15K course featured spectacular beach start and finish, all kinds of entertainment along the way, refreshment stations, but no clocks. Well into my drive to Clearwater, I was mentally going through all the stuff that I packed, when I realized I left my beloved GARMIN at home. The panic set in as I am not used to running without my Garmin. I figured a race like this would have clock(s) on the course and that should get me through my time obsession. Well, that never happened and the whole time I was stressing out about my time. I was so desperate that at one point I asked a woman who was running next to me if she can tell me the pace we were running, but she said she doesn’t want to know. My only thought was why is she wearing a Garmin????The good thing about running without the Garmin is that I listened to my body, pushed it and actually finished under the time I originally planned for. I guess there is always good and bad to everything.The website described the course as flat and enjoyable, but for this Miami girl, that was not what I call flat. So on top of not having my Garmin, I was dealing with running up the hill the whole time. I think the only time going down the hill was when we got off the causeway. At the finish line I met Caitlin, who I know is the experienced runner and she shared the same thoughts, which really made me feel good as I thought it was just me. I am incredibly happy that I ran the race and did well. Just to think that when I started running couple of years ago I was running 12:30/mile. I have come long ways. Running a 1/2 marathon was on my “TO DO LIST” of things to accomplish before I turned 30. I thought I would do it, be done with it, crossed it off my list, and move onto the next item, but it’s something I really became passionate about. On my “TO DO LIST” for the early part of this year was to run official races for 5K, 10K, 15K and 1/2 marathon, establish my time and than in 16-20 weeks do all those races again and see what results I can accomplish with proper training.As of May 1st, I will begin the proper training with the help of the Gold Coast Runners, the chef and Ellen’s Pilates/Yoga Studio. I will be sure to report on the training process and of course the outcome.So as of today, here is what I have accomplished:5K – 29:2910K – Will be running on April 25th15K – 1:351/2 marathon – 2:20Don’t think this girl forgot about the food while in Clearwater. I searched YELP for the natural foods/restaurant and choose two places I HAD to visit while there. On Friday, dinner included a visit to the Nature’s Food Patch – breathtaking. I wish I had a store like that near my house. I picked up a vegetarian sandwich but I had them add chicken breast for some protein and cashews. I was 100% sure that I took picture of it, but neither my camera or iphone have any trace of it. So you will just have to imagine, a whole wheat roll with spinach, tomatoes, banana peppers, green peppers, slice of zucchini, shaved carrots, broccoli sprouts and grilled chicken drizzled with some olive oil and vinegar. Delicious. I went to bed full and happy.During the race, all I could think of is ordering Lox and bagel when I got back to my room. But I got so distracted that I missed the cut of breakfast time. I was meeting couple of friend bloggers for lunch around noon, but I needed something to tie me over till than, so I looked deep in my backpack and found a banana, GREEN SuperFood chocolate whole food energy bar (who doesn’t like chocolate for breakfast) and ZICO Coconut Water. It was a perfect post race breakfast enjoyed on the hotel room patio. Can I just say that my room, actually I was upgraded to a junior suite, was incredible.In just a little while, I met-up my lunch mates and we enjoyed a lovely lunch at the WildFlower Cafe. As always, I asked our server what is the best sandwich on the menu and coincidentally, in my mind I picked the same – The Island Breeze Turkey Sandwich. It was served on a wheat bread with provolone, mango chutney pecans, golden raisins, shredded carrots, leaf lettuce and curry mayo. DIVINE!!! A bit sweet after a third bite, but still divine. I loved the atmosphere, fast service (Dorothy, you were no longer in Kansas), delicious foods and great company. We chatted for some time and than I got on the road to drive back. My drive went by fairly quickly. I listened to some great music, running podcasts and books on CD and once home, I settled in and watched some hockey. I zonked out around 9pm and slept for 12 hours…I guess I really needed that beauty sleep. I leave you with a great quote I heard on the podcast this weekend:”We run because it makes us feel like winners, no matter how slow or fast we go. “- Florence Griffith Joyner and John Hanc* Iron Girl Photos Courtesy of Iron Girl Series Events

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