The Friday night started as planned, on a couch with a glass of wine. I was ready for my “date night with TIVO”. A few minutes into my “date” the chef walked-in and shared some great news that called for a celebration. Next thing I knew, I was getting ready and we were on our way to meet D and Lisette at Martorano’s at the Hard Rock.According to the restaurant’s website, Martorano’s is where dining and nightlife meet. The restaurant had a great sleek look to it with white leather booths, flatscreen TVs mounted on the walls showing chef’s (Steve Martorano) favorite movies while music and lighting gave it the nightclub feel. The chef said the restaurant reminded him of the Scarface movie.Since I already had a light dinner, I decided to try some appetizers. What I didn’t realize is that the appetizers were a size of entrees and it was a family style dinning where everyone shared the food. As I am not big on food sharing, I tried my best.We started the night with some antipasti: cherry tomato and mozzarella salad, jumbo shrimp scampi and homemade meatball and a bottle of ERATH Pinot Gris.The cherry tomato and mozzarella salad was prepared with extra virgin olive oil, glazed balsamic, and basil leaves. It was very refreshing and light.The best part of the whole meal was the jumbo shrimp scampi prepared in butter, with garlic, tomato, peas and toasted bread crumbs served on crisp bread. Wholly YUM!!!!! Absolutely amazing – such great flavors and I could have easily had more.For main entrees, my fellow diners had fusili pollo and lobster francaise. The chef thought the fusilli pollo was too spicy, but a good meal to be shared. The lobster from what I could tell looked a lot like the jumbo shrimp scampi as it was made with jumbo lump crab meat cooked in white wine, lemon butter and risotto. As far as I could tell, they all liked it.The dinner would have not been complete without a dessert and as soon as our waiter told us about it, I knew I wanted to have breakfast for dessert. It was two pieces of waffle with vanilla ice cream topped with some strawberries and syrup. Lisette and I enjoyed every bite of it….yummy, yummy, yummy. It certainly hit the spot. The restaurant was still in the soft opening stage and the menu was not complete, but everything tasted great and the service was amazingly good. Our waiter told us from the beginning that everything we order will be brought out as it is prepared and in no specific order and he made a comment “Let Steve do it his way”. He warned us that we should not make any demands or changes to the menu as Steve doesn’t appreciate it. Got to love that – it’s his way or highway…But I have to say, everything was great.Of course, the night was still young so we made our way to Murphy’s, the Irish pub. But that’s a story for another time….;)

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