Happy New Year!!! Cheers Everyone… Wishing you many great restaurants, new foods and fabulous drinks in the 2009!Like every year, few hours before the new year we don’t have any plans and as always those nights end up being the most amazing and unforgettable New Years Eves and so was this one. The hubbs had to work on New Years Eve day and I was doing a lot of pampering and resting and when he came home around 4pm we decided to go to our friends house for some drinks and cards and we would grab dinner on our own at the new sushi place that just opened up in the Fresh Market plaza – what a great decision – sushi was AMAZING. The tempura roll was delic and because we had to wait for almost an hour to get the roll, we got the second roll for free:) Always a good sign of the new beginning:) Since I am preparing for the half-marathon at the end of January and I kind of took two weeks off, I decided that the hubbs can drink that night and I will only have a glass of champagne at midnight…well I bet you can see how this turned out…I spent the next day in bed and for the next two days the feeling of the hangover didn’t leave my body…so you wonder how that happened??? Well, story goes something like this, as a good guest, I brought a bottle of my favorite champagne – Veuve Clicquot and somewhere after midnight the girls decided to play some left-right-center game with jello shots and since I don’t like jello shots I decided to control my own destiny and drink shots of champagne thinking I will only have at most one glass which I can easily handle. let’s just say that it didn’t work quiet like that, it wasn’t my night…but boy did I enjoy my champagne. Not only do I like the taste of it but I LOVE it…there is just something so magical about drinking Veuve Clicquot champagne. It’s light, it’s tasty, it’s tingly and perfectly sweet – TRES EXTRAORDINAIRE πŸ™‚ What’s more to like about it is the elegance of the bottle and label… I think it’s time start collecting the lables and corks:)So cheers to you all and don’t forget to enjoy the 2009, it will be a good one.

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