Chicken Conquered

Today was a long and an exhausting day. Many things went wrong today, but I did one thing right – I made an amazing dinner. Another win in my books. Jelena vs Cooking = 3:0!!!

So the long story short, the day after I decided it’s time to introduce changes to my life, I saw this recipe and decided I could do it. It seemed so easy, except the part where I would have to deal with chicken, but than again I would have to face the chicken some time soon. Ha, that just made me laugh a little – yup, I am probably the only one that’s laughing right now too. If you got this joke raise your hand πŸ˜‰

Anywho, time was right and I did it, and I survived. I didn’t “chicken out”….oh my I just can’t stop with these really lame jokes.

I actually prepped this last night and had it baked today so Kiki could have freshly made lunch today and not something heated up. It was so easy and so tasty. Why have I waited this long to learn my way around the kitchen?!?!

OK, so here is how the recipe goes – marinate the chicken in the Italian seasoning and place it in a ziplock bag until ready to bake it. Place the cut up red potatoes and veggies (you could use green beans, broccoli, or brussels sprouts – I used green beans as they were $1.00/3lbs) into a baking dish and seasoned with Italian salad dressing mix and add the chicken. I only used about 1/2 the packet as it is very high in salt. The recipe also calls for a full stick of butter, but I only used a 1/2. Cover and bake for 75 minutes on 350F. 

Verdict – I loved it. It was tasty, buttery and spicy and most of all Kiki liked it too. Well, she liked the chicken and the green beans, but not so much the potatoes. 

Thanks HEAB for a tasty recipe. 

Today might have started off on a wrong foot, but with this dinner it certainly ended up on a high note!



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