Comfort breakfast

This morning I woke up craving comfort. My body is still achy, my feet are hurting, and I am still exhausted after 9 hours of sleeping, good eats and vitamins. All I could think of is granola, bananas and chocolate. And that’s exactly what I had for breakfast.I wasn’t joking when I said I missed having bananas in the house. These bananas are perfectly ripe too. Oh did I tell you I like cold bananas only. I didn’t really bother with any berries (yes, I still have them from our last COSTCO trip). This morning they would have taken too long to wash and add to my bowl. I needed my food pronto – no waiting. I usually wait for the granola to get a little soggy, but not thing morning – it was a crunch fest. I did have some juice, which I believe is from the concentrate, but it’s in the fridge and I will drink it and never buy it again.As you can tell I was in the hurry to eat this morning, I didn’t even bother getting the pretty bowl out of the dishwasher, so I used my old college hot chocolate mug…hey whatever it takes to feed the hungry momma 🙂

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