Coral Gables Restaurant Week: Anacapri on Ponce

This past Monday I met up with the lovely dining diva And now, the food…For the appetizer I ordered pan seared jumbo scallops on bed of arugula drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Not quite sure those were jumbo, but certainly there were plenty of them. The bitterness of arugula and sweetness of the balsamic vinegar were a perfect complement to the salty scallops.For the entree, steak and shoe string fries with Gorgonzola did not stand a chance once I saw the broiled lobster tail over saffron risotto. I couldn’t stop admiring the lobster tail. It was so yummy. and the saffron risotto – amazing. Needless to say I licked the plate. Risotto has become by far my favorite. This was a very cheese (read: buttery) risotto, but it was worth every bite and a lick. Thank God for a semi secluded spot in the restaurant so no one saw me licking the plate, or so I think…. And of course, the dessert. This is where I was really impressed with the service. The pre-fix menu came with tiramissu, gelatto and something else (sorry, I can’t seem to remember what it was), but the regular menu had the chocolate lava souffle with vanilla bean ice-cream. So I politely smiled at our waiter and asked if they wouldn’t mind making the substitute and he politely smiled back at me and said “Of Course, that’s not a problem at all”. My heart fluttered. Now, this wasn’t the most amazing souffle that I have ever had, but it certainly was that much sweeter because it was exactly what I wanted. It was perhaps a bit dry for my taste and I wanted the “lava” to flow once you bite into it and ice-cream to melt fast, but it kind of just “stood” there. We all well know that I am no expert in cooking or baking, but I certainly know what my pallet likes and how it should taste. Don’t be deterred from ordering the souffle, we polished the plate. There was no trace on the plate that there was ever a souffle there, if you know what I mean;)Oh and I almost forgot, I scored (some would have said STOLE, hey I got there first) an amazing parking spot right in front of the restaurant and I didn’t have to pay for parking. The chef would have been so proud of me. If this would happen at least once to him, perhaps it would restore a faith of living in an urban area and leaving our suburban life. Just once, the parking Gods, be on my side, just once….Anacapri2530 Ponce De Leon BoulevardCoral Gables, FL 33134(305)

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