Crabby Night

Who says you can’t learn something from your intern? I’ve been so lucky to have had great interns for the last year – it’s been a group of vibrant, eager to learn, and fun youngins. Another thing I am lucky is that we have a fully equipped kitchen at work and every day they make wonderful creations. I admire the simplicity and deliciousness of everything they prepare and I am so intrigued with ingredients that they use.

The other day I walked in the kitchen when I saw them enjoying grilled polenta and crab meat. Hmmm…what?!?! OK…I brushed it off and didn’t think about it until I saw the crab meat in the grocery store this weekend.

I was a little lazy and I took a short cut and pan fried my polenta and crab meat…or I guess really heat it up in a pan as it is pre-cooked. Since I have some leftovers I think I will try to grill it next time around. I served polenta and crab meat on a bed of arugula and tomatoes, which added an element of refreshing and healthy. 

My dear interns – thank you for this delicious menu idea… It’s fantastic for a busy week night.

 I am looking forward to exploring the grilled version of this meal with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and enjoying it in my back yard under the stars and breeze. And speaking of breeze, I think the cooler weather is in the air. And you know what that means – opening my windows. There is nothing that I like more than sleeping with cool and fresh air…almost there but not yet. It’s the small things that make my nights.

I really should be doing some work work and house work but tonight I need mindless activity, called “The Real Housewives of NYC”. My gosh the drama in the lives of those women makes my life drama a child’s play. 

Hope you had a good Monday and enjoyed something simple and delicious!


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