Cutting corners, enjoying food and saving few $$$ along the way

Recession, bad economy, lay offs – all of this is making me very thankful that I have a job that pays the bills and lets me live comfortably, but it is making me think – it’s time for change. My mother always said “Little changes make a difference”. So to truly test this infamous saying and confirm that mom is always right, or at least she says so, I am taking on the challenge (starting tomorrow, right?) to cut corners, enjoy food and save few $$$ along the way. How am I going to do that I haven’t figured our yet, but I think the first thing I should do is to write down everything I do (READ: buy) on a daily basis and than analyze my spendings and see what I can do to improve the budget and savings account. So here is to the first day:1. Breakfast: Starbucks Venti Non-Fat Latte – $3.48 (yes, I have the gold card that now gives me discounts:) – good start with savings 🙂 – can you tell I am really proud of myself.2. Snack: brought from home – KASHI TLC all natural chewy granola bar4. Lunch: dinner left overs – bertolli’s pasta and parmesan cheese, banana,5. Snack: Granny Smith Apple and Strawberry bannana 6. Dinner: The Fresh Market Guacamole and chipsSo far it doesn’t look that bad, b/c I don’t think I am that bad during the week but where it gets bad is on weekends. Part of the problem is also that we spend way, way too much money on groceries, waste a lot of it (I am very sorry, but it is true) and our pantry is always full, but nothing in it to really make a meal. And than the weekends come and my chef (READ: my husband) needs rest from the week long cooking and we end up eating out EVERY SINGLE meal from Friday to Sunday night…If you have any suggestions, on how to be a better food shopper and how to save some money, please share, because I am determined to make this challenge work. In the beginning of this blog,the idea was really to save money, but more and more I look at it, this will also be about eating better (READ: healthier and loosing few pounds), becoming more concience about the food and more green in our choices…Help me out!!!!But like for every other challenge that I have taken on, I need a reward – what should that be? Knowing myself, I need a really good reason to change my habits, because I am a true creature of habit…ideas?

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