DeliverLEAN to the rescue

Wow, what a week….I got back in town really late on Monday night and was already in the office at 8am on Tuesday for the beginning of our advertising campaign/cook book photoshoot week (which is still going on as I write this), and of course the regular work stuff that just needs to get done, and then add the whole single motherhood to the equation…I have to say “I just don’t know how I did it”!!! 

The secret is, well, it’s really not a secret, but I did it with a help of DeliverLEAN services. When I returned from Chicago, my fridge was absolutely empty, except the carton of milk and leftover birthday cake, mind you Kiki’s birthday was about a month ago, and when I woke up on Tuesday morning there was a great surprise waiting for me at my doorstep – the magical black bag as I call it – my weekly delivery of DeliverLEAN. 

I have to say, I don’t know how I would have done without DeliverLEAN. Not only is the food tasty, easy, healthy, but the delivery is perfect. I have to say it’s a real treat to wake up in the morning and have all the food and snacks you need for a day delivered to your doorstep.

What I was most impressed about was the freshness of all the food. I never thought the food delivery would be this kind of level of fresh food, but the way DeliverLEAN packages the food is the key in preserving the freshness. The little containers that food comes packaged in are really great (I actually am keeping them for other use) and the sticker with food details is like a cherry top!

Opportunity to sample, taste and enjoy DeliverLEAN couldn’t have come to me in better time. With the crazy schedule that I have been dealing with in May, it was absolutely priceless to have all my meals ready to go every day. For me, DeliverLEAN “delivered” (I couldn’t help myself :)) convenience! Fresh and healthy food, were just a beautiful bonus. Definitely something I will keep in mind for June, because the way my calendar is looking for June, it might be less than 9 nights in my own bed, so I better get planning.

If you are dealing with a crazy schedule, looking to shape up for that bikini you just picked up, or just looking for a fresh start and clean plate, think of DeliverLEAN…it will DELIVER!!!! 

2 Days Free with the purchase of a 1 month plan ($7.95 per meal. 3 meal minimum per day)…I know I will be taking advantage of this opportunity, because Hello June, you are looking busier than May!

*This was a sponsored post, all opinions and photos are my own.*

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