“Dining Divas” Turns 2

Wow…we have been dining together every month now for two years. It’s crazy how fast time flies. The date has been on our calendars for months, but only today did we decide to meet at Michy’s, where it all began two years ago. As always, we were all late, some 15 minutes, and others an hour and fifteen minutes. But most importantly, we all eventually made it there.A lot has happened in two years, especially in the last month. During the past month one of us discovered a food allergy, some got new jobs, some have new love in their lives and some, enjoying the fruits of the new found freedom. Actually, there was a lot more but perhaps I will leave that for some other time.Now let’s get to the important things. The moment we agreed on Michy’s, my mind was only thinking about one thing – the Bread Pudding. It is absolutely divine – creamy, sweet, and savory; topped with delicious chunks of chocolate chips, a bit of cognac, and French vanilla ice-cream. I think the secret to this bread pudding is the chocolate that is melted on the bottom and the chunks of raisins throughout for added sweetness. Oh simply orgasmic!!!!Don’t fret, I had a little more than dessert tonight. Actually, I had the usual – Jamon serrano and blue cheese crocketas with fig jam, a watermelon arugula salad and steak with tasty shoe string fries. Surprise, surprise, I actually shared the appetizer and the salad. I know it’s hard to believe it, but since I wanted so much tonight, sharing was the best option. Baby steps people, baby steps…..As usual, everything I ordered tonight was delicious and satisfying. Oh and there were many glasses of wine and thinking back, we would have been better off ordering a bottle of wine and sharing. Maybe that’s a lesson to be learned next time.When I came home, I found a little gift waiting for me….he knows me well – a gift from Starbucks. Little things like this make my heart flutter…..

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