Dinner plans changed

Yup, I have already made changes to my weekly menu. It was supposed to be pizza night, but I was really hungry for pasta. So pasta it was.

Unfortunately there was no flour kneading, home-made filling, – just a little water boiling and 4 minutes of ravioli cooking. And somehow I still ended up overcooking the pasta. Urgh…I really like my pasta al dente, and this ended up being a bit mushy. Hmmm…Is this a theme for the week – mushy – oh I hope not.

Tonight I had tomato, basil and mozzarella whole wheat ravioli with tomato sauce and shaved parmesan.  Oh and a glass of wine. It was very much a necessity tonight. About 11am I wanted a do-over of my day. My day started at 4:30am, and Kiki was up and ready for a day until she crashed at 6:30am till about 8, but me unfortunately, I had to be up at 6:30am to get ready for a day. Oh well, I guess that’s part of motherhood!?!

But the best part of motherhood is coming home and seeing my little Kiki starting to crawl – well at least trying to!!! At the same time I love it and hate it…she is growing up people!!!!! Slow down the time!!!!!


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