Dinner with Gwyneth Paltrow

Today was also my first day with Mili-Mali all on my own – the grandparents are gone, the chef is at work, and it was just me and her. We had a great day – went for a walk (2.48 miles in 40 min), hang out at home, took care of some banking business, played a little, read a bit, all in all, a great but long day. Let’s hope tomorrow is just as easy.Here is a little bit of optical illusion – in the first photo, Mili-Mali looks very happy, but if you look at the second photo, that one tells the truth…I am trying real hard for her to like the Mamaroo, since I was the one that insisted we buy this amazing “in motion toy”, that is proving to be not so favorite Mili-Mali’s toy. She actually hates it. She likes it for about 5 minutes and than the party is over. Oh well…I am not giving up on it, yet!This is the true vision of what she thinks of Mamaroo… short lived entertainment…At some point today, while Mili-Mali was sleeping, I did what I like doing the most – organized my closet and shoes. Actually, I took pictures of all my shoes, which now I will print and tape on the front of the shoe box. This is so I always know which shoes are inside each box. I love anything and everything that has to do with organizing – it’s so liberating and therapeutic.While organizing I discovered that I purchased quiet a few shoes while pregnant that I haven’t worn yet – can’t wait to start wearing all of them. Don’t you just love shopping in your own closet!!!Wow, killer Tory Burch heels – oh boy, where will I wear these…..

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