The Dinning Divas Have Met

Last Thursday was the monthly gathering of my restaurant club – The Dinning Divas (four very different women with very different backgrounds, an attorney, an enterpreneur, trade commissioner and event planner, but have one thing in common – OK maybe more than one – love of FOOD). Only a day before, I chose the place – TROPIBLEU – Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts College’s restaurant. So here is what I thought about it: the good, the bad and the ugly…GRADE: B- (considering this is learning grounds, it wasn’t that bad at all)THE GOOD (perhaps even great):1. Excellent, excellent, excellent food2. BYOW – bring your own wine with no corkage fee3. 4 star french cuisine for $154. Appetizers on the house – choice of three appetizers from the menu – it was just deliciousTHE BAD:1. Service – not so good….but the students are there to learn, so I forgive2. Items listed on the menu were not availableTHE UGLY:1. Food was served cold – it does not matter that it’s a learning environment, but the food should not be served cold under no circumstancesLet me just point out that this very diverse group is a very hard to please group – we are all perfectionists in our own right and have very high expectations. Partly from visiting really high-end restaurants and partly from our own taste, but we went to the restaurant for two reasons: economy and to try something different. The Dinning Divas Club has only met few times, but I think we have established our patterns of what we order at restaurants. We start with a dessert – at least one milk based desert, always order at least two appetizers and a salad and LOTS OF BREAD – actually we keep asking for bread all night long, the entrees – only two choices – duck and steak. From time to time Margaret will order something a little different, but the rest of us it’s always the same – duck and steak and of course we finish it with a dessert, and no matter what is on the menu, there will be at least one BREAD PUDDING and of course wine. We may be trying out new restaurants, but the choices always remain the same. And who says we are not creatures of habit????DessertSalad/AppetizerEntreeDessert

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