Dinning Divas – Il Gabbiano

The Dinning Divas got together this week and we had an amazing dinner. Actually it was an amazing evening. Priceless…Everything was just perfect, but the service was impeccable…a complete perfection. Il Gabbiano is certainly setting new standards in Miami for high-style New York Italian food with a side of razzle dazzle. The general manager seated us at the bar for drinks and than he walked us to our table for the outdoor seating with beautiful views of Brickell Key and Key Biscayne. Once we were seated, a team captain came to the table to give us the menus and specials for the evening, another waiter filled our glasses with water, third waiter brought Parmesan cheese and lightly breaded squash, fourth waiter brought bruschetta and basket of great choices of bread…and all of this prior to us even looking at the menu. You are probably thinking, it’s dinning divas and we will be eating duck and skirt steak, not even close to it…I actually had ravioli, believe it or not, pasta. It was ravioli filled with porchini mushrooms and creamy sauce with pepper and tartuffi, yummy. Probably the most delicious pasta I have ever had. It was an overall pasta night for all of us. My pasta was paired with a divine pinot grigio, I wish I remembered the name, but it totally escapes me.As we were enjoying our dinner and great conversation, it was time to order desert and at the end it wasn’t bread pudding, our usual suspect, but rather chocolate suffle with zesty cream and orange peal paired with Italian espresso. And to finish of an amazing meal, we were served limoncello – words can not describe the finale of this dinner. This probably ranks as one of the best dinners that I have had since moving to Miami and even though it was probably the most expensive meal, I am certainly coming back.

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