Dinning Divas: Sra Martinez

Let’s just say it’s been a challenging week. I will look at this week as a distant past. Even though it’s only Wednesday, I am finally breathing and it feels as though the weekend is here. I met-up with the Dinning Divas at Sra. Martinez, another Michelle Bernstein establishment in the Design District. Why did it take us this long, I have no idea, but I am glad that we finally went.Just like Michy’s, I felt so at home. Though Michy’s is very vibrant and colorful, the Sra. Martinez is dark and comforting. Oh so grown-up. The interior is sexy and conducive to first dates and intimate groups of friends. The two-story restaurant is located in the old post-office building, decorated in leather booths, and accented with modern elements like silver metal stairs, soft industrial lighting and amazing wall prints.The menu is divided up into three sections; cold and hot tapas and heartier main entrees. The decision was unanimous, the menu items that knocked our socks off were the seared scallops, ham croquetas, cheese platter, beet salad, and patatas bravas. Some of the divas “noted” that the portions are tiny and a bit expensive but everything is fresh and well executed. In my book, Michelle can do no wrong, so it was perfect.The restaurant has a really good selection of Spanish wines and a nice cocktail menu. Though it’s a Spanish tapas restaurant, I noticed quite a few non-Spanish classics, which I was told change on a monthly basis. Since it only seemed appropriate to drink Spanish wines, I decided to start the night with the glass of Rioja Gran Reserva by Viña Valoria, but before I knew it, I was ordering another and another, and….The complimentary bread came with one of the best house olive oils I’ve ever had. You could definitely taste how rich it was. Extra virgin, to be sure. If you look at the wine glass picture closely, the bread is hiding behind the glass.We selected several of the cold and hot tapas. So here we go…Cheese Plate – It came with three cheeses including manchego. I liked all the things that accompanied the cheeses including the honey but I didn’t think the cheeses themselves were particularly exciting. My favorite thing about the cheese plate was actually the toasted raisin bread it came with. Actually, we ordered the same plate twice…for the bread, of course 😉 Galbi Pinchos – such a surprise of a night – I found Korean short ribs at a tapas restaurant owned by an Argentinean-Jewish woman? Ha! I love it. Everyone that I spoke with about the restaurant was saying these were a must, so I knew that they would make an appearance tonight. (not sure what happened to the picture, but trust me when I say they were delicious).Chorizo and Manchego Croquettes – Subtle but present flavors and spot-on consistency; and once again Michelle’s voluptuous fig marmalade made another appropriate appearance. So glad appetizer came from Michy’s…such a staple.Patatas Bravas – These were absolutely beautiful; mini potatoes (Peruvian purple?) filled with a warm and ever-so-slightly-spicy bechamel/cheese-like sauce and a paper thin slice of Spanish ham. I could have eaten 100 of these things. Seared Scallops which were cooked to perfection! They were all mine as divas are not big on seafood….and it’s not a secret I don’t like sharing my food. And the scallops were not to be shared.The beets salad was unusual with a bit of sour cream on a side, but so refreshing. My mom would be so proud of me eating beets.Overall, the evening was a medicine for my soul and it erased all the troubles of the week….The service was smart, timely and knowledgeable…never rushed, consistent and friendly. Just as Michy’s, dinner and experience at Sra. Martinez was extraordinarily, well executed and brilliantly imaginative, using only the finest and freshest ingredients. The bonus to the evening, Michelle came out, sat with us and chatted a bit. After a few minutes of discussing very important topics, I discovered we have something very important in common – the hairstylist…oh Paulo, I really feel special now. But I knew you first:)Can you tell I am already plotting the come-back!


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