Distractions, Samoas cookies, and ice-cream

The stress levels in the faux foodie house are high, real high. The in-laws/my parents are arriving in a few short hours and the chef has decided to do a “few fast fixes” around the house. We are not talking about projects that have been on a list of things to get done, we are talking about projects that have never been mentioned before. The problem is the chef got busy with his real job and now “the projects” are unfinished and waiting….. until Christmas, when they come back again.Me on the other hand, I am getting a good exercise by walking between the refrigerator and the pantry instead of doing the laundry, folding the said laundry, setting up the guest bedrooms, unpacking, etc. Current distraction – Samoas girl scout cookies and ice cream. This delicious piece of heaven is a vanilla cookie coated in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and laced with chocolate stripes. Have you joined me in the cookie heaven yet? So to get back to the ice-cream I mentioned…it’s not the plain vanilla ice-cream that I usually prefer, but rather limited edition flavor of Samoas that Dreyer’s releases annually from January to April, paralleling the real Girl Scout cookie season. Thank God for only 4 months, because I am not sure that I could handle it for 12 months straight. My weekly menu would look something like this: Monday: Samoas cookiesTuesday: Samoas cookies with glass of milkWednesday: Samoas cookie ice-creamThursday: Samoas cookie ice-cream with chunks of cookiesFriday: Samoas cookie ice-cream with chunks of cookie with some milk[source]So my latest obsession consists of a caramel vanilla ice cream with chunks of chopped up Samoas cookie with swirls of chocolate fudge. The ice cream is smooth and creamy and it’s complemented with a subtle caramel flavor. I really shouldn’t complain as it contains good amount of chunks of a cookie. But of course, it’s not enough for me, so I break the pieces of the actual cookie that I keep in a freezer and add it to the ice cream as well as some shaved coconut. It’s a marriage made in heaven. I am down to one last cookie and two spoons of ice-cream, laundry will just have to wait tonight….Time to savour the moment….Until we meet again next year.



  • Lauren @ Eat, Drink, and Be Hopeful
    April 28, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    I love all the different varieties of ice cream there are these days. Girl scout cookies remind me of my childhood. I don't think I know one person that doesn't like them. And now to have them in ice cream form? That is just wonderful!

  • Tara@whatwechow
    April 30, 2010 at 9:38 am

    Samoas are my FAVORITE!! I didn't know about the ice cream..but that's probably for the best. Thanks for the post!


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