Easter Tradition

Happy Easter! Keeping up with our traditions, we had our Easter brunch at the Indigo Restaurant on Las Olas Boulevard. It was a perfect day to eat outside – wonderful breeze, sunshine, people watching and good company.The chef started his meal with freshly squeezed orange juice…… and I was daydreaming about a mimosa. Oh, only a few more days. Come on Mili-Mali, I am ready – I want to meet you and I would like to have a mimosa to celebrate your arrival 😉The Easter Brunch special involved pancakes with nutella, walnuts, honey butter and maple syrup – carb galore!!! Obviously this was my choice. The chef’s choice was a little healthier than mine – an omelet with egg whites, cheddar cheese, roasted tomatoes, prosciutto in a mushroom sauce with aside of roasted potatoes. We spent the rest of the day at the Fort Lauderdale beach. Someone told me to walk on the soft sand and I will go right into labor that day. That’s exactly what I did as well as ate some pineapple and drank raspberry loose leaf tea and still nothing. Still waiting….Since Mili-Mali was not giving me any signs that she is coming yet, I decided to join my girlfriends at the movies and we saw “Water for Elephants”. A beautiful story that truly makes you believe that love conquers it all. We forgot that our grocery store was closed on Easter, so plans of tilapia for dinner felt through. Instead, I made the kitchen sink salad – everything that was left in the fridge was part of my salad.By far, the best salad ever… frisee lettuce, yellow pepper, carrots, cucumber, pepper jack cheese, tabouli, roasted red pepper hummus and Stacie chips. Who says you can’t make a delicious meal with leftover?!?So the waiting game continues – I think it’s time for some more raspberry loose leaf tea!

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