Electrolux Delux

Electrolux=vacuum cleaners, right?!? well the new generation of Electrolux=modern kitchen, the amazing new set-up that I would just love to have in my own house, but currently my little townhouse just won’t do it. But that didn’t prevent me from experiencing the new ELECTROLUX kitchen. A very good friend of mine invited me few weeks ago to a showroom to “experience” the new kitchen and to taste the most amazing food and wines from Italy.It was middle of a day and I was making my way to the Electrolux Showroom to have a feast, a true feast. It was a 5 course tasting of fresh, organic and simply prepared but yet so delicious meals. I have no idea what they are really called, what region they are from (the MC spent a good portion of the time speaking in Italian), or how they were prepared, all I know is that EVERYTHING tasted so amazing and that each piece was just like an aria or a beautiful spring concerto with a grand finale, but the grand finale started from beginning to the end. The balance of flavors, colors, the rhythm, it was all just an amazing equation. I know once I start talking about food as math that I have reached an amazing place in the food world. Since all of this means nothing without actual names and menu and origins…I am off to get that delicious menu and add all the info to the photos. and if ELECTROLUX ever wants to invite me to another tasting, I will be there in a moment… well Miami moment, and we all know what that means 😉

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