Emotional Roller-Coaster

Today was an emotional roller-coaster. Today I was an emotional mess. I have never been as exhausted as I am today. Today didn’t begin well, but it certainly had a great ending.

I should probably explain my self…Two weeks before Kiki was born, we found out that the sous-chef had cancer. The cancer was fast progressing and prognosis was not good. With no treatment she was given 2-4 weeks, with a very aggressive treatment she could have 1-2 years. Obviously, we immediately contacted the Animal Cancer Clinic, got an appointment, saw Dr. Dominguez and started with her treatment the following day.

Six months later, she was given a clean bill of health. Unfortunately since than every time she does something out of ordinary, I freak out and we are on our way to see Dr. Dominguez. And so far, we’ve been so lucky that he has always sent us back home saying all is good.

For the last two days, the Sous-Chef has been hacking, wheezing, throwing up, acting lethargic, just not being herself. And of course with everything that we went through with her, hacking is a bad sign – a sign of lung cancer, which means that the cancer has spread. So of course, we immediately took her in to see Dr. Dominguez. After lung/chest Xrays, a few blood tests, we left with some cough suppressants, ear infection meds, and clean Xrays and we were told that the sous-chef is in complete remission:) Probably a kennel cough she picked up at the groomers two weeks ago. Pop the bottle of Prosecco (and Rum & Coke for the Chef) – It’s time to celebrate.

For the last two days, I spent endless hours crying, and then I cried some more when we found out that she is fine. I was a complete emotional mess. Add the post-partum hormonal imbalance, and you do not want to be near me. Last night I slept about 3 hours in anticipation of not knowing what will happen and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

The sous-chef is 10 years old. I know she is old and the time when she is no longer with us is coming, but I am not ready for that time yet. We still have so many adventures ahead of us. I want Kiki and her to be best friends. I want her to grow up with the Sous-Chef as long as possible. And today, we got another chance for that. I think Christmas came early this year!!!!

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