Failed Dinner Plans – Gyroville to the Rescue

What a day…. I am exhausted, and heading to bed in a few, but before than… April is my birthday month, but also 13 family members and friends celebrate their birthdays as well. It’s like Christmas all over again in the Faux Foodie Casa. Since we are also expecting Mili-Mali’s arrival, I went shopping for birthday gifts tonight and now I am exhausted. I guess these days 3 hours of shopping counts as a cardio workout. The good thing is I got almost all the gifts, now I just need to wrap and mail them. Happy birthday to all the April babies!!!Tonight was supposed to be a date night, but chef’s real work got in a way. So after my shopping expedition, instead of dinning at I always think I will order something new, but every time I look over the menu, I go back to my usual – it’s a safe choice, I know I will enjoy it. I ordered the gyro pita sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese and tzatziki. I also ate all of chef’s fries (not pictured). I noticed lately I’ve been craving salty foods like crazy, which is so surprising for a person with a sweet tooth like me.I have big plans for this weekend. They involve a lot of time on my couch and the bed with parenting books and magazines I have collected over the last few months. I am now exactly 4 weeks away from Mili-Mali’s arrival, it’s time to get that rest and learn as much as I can.

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