Feeding my shopping addiction

Since I’ve been gone on and off for weeks, the food supply in the house has been minimal and there is much more of the chef’s food than mine, but who can blame him. So this weekend with LISTS and coupons in hand I visited I’ve been flirting with siggi’s for months now, but the price hasn’t been right for me to take it out on our first date. I don’t have a problem taking the first step….we probably wouldn’t be married today if I didn’t ask the chef out on a date, and 14 years later…I digress, this is for another post. So after months of eyeing and ogling each other, we went out and I fell in love ( I am back to talking about siggi’s). Siggi’s is an icelandic style skyr, strained non-fat yogurt, all natural, made from grass fed cows, with quite a bit of protein – 17gr, not so much sugar, and no artificial sweeteners. YIPPEE!!!! It was so smooth, like butter. It won me over, that’s for sure. Now I just have to figure out how to afford this expensive obsession on a weekly basis….I shed a tear when I made the OIAJ the other morning as it was the last of the “Dark Chocolate Dream” that was left and it was the first thing that I put in the cart when I arrived to the Fresh Market. Just please don’t ask me if there is any left after a week of having a spoonful here and there. But I’ve gotten smarter, I bought more than one jar this time. I just won’t admit exactly how many.I have to admit, it wasn’t only food that I bought. A couple of non-edible items made their way into my grocery cart. But as you can see they still have to do with food. My favorite cook book of all time has two new books out – America’s Test Kitchens Cookbook and ATK’s “Cooking for Two”. The photography is AMAZING, BREATHTAKING, oh I am so IN LOVE, kind of a feeling. You know how some people have coffee books (arts, travel, etc,) on their coffee tables, well I put my ATS books in our living room. Hoping that the chef will finally realize that it’s only the two of us eating and not the whole army….he has a slight problem of cooking for two as he always makes enough food for six…..And this beauty, oh I bought it for the pictures only. And who says you don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I DO!!!! And the final purchase of my weekend – the salad spinner. I have been wanting one FOREVER. I talked about it all the time, but somehow I never got it until this weekend, and I can say with certainty – it has changed my life. I think I have already saved half a roll of paper towels. I see a very bright future for us…It was a great weekend filled with many visits to all of my favorites places, walking the aisles, waiting in lines and bringing it all home. The happiness it gives me must be like a mother feels when she brings a new baby home. Wait, I wouldn’t know how that feels. Maybe the same feeling as when I bring a new pair of shoes home and I admire them in the shoe closet as they glisten and smile at me. Trust me when I say there were bags and bags filled to the top with food. Several trips to the car to say the least. If any of my neighbors saw me, they probably thought we were having a party. I guess it’s kind of true – but I was the only participant. But for the sake of preventing a chef from having a heart attack, I will not post the pictures, as it’s all nicely put on the pantry shelves and in the fridge. And we all know I am a master of packing and organizing so it really doesn’t look like that much. Or I am just hoping he won’t notice that everything that I bought is exactly what I like.And that’s it folks….I certainly fed my shopping addiction in more than one ways and now it’s time to eat. And guess what I am doing next – eating out for dinner, as if I don’t have enough at home… Call me crazy!!!! OK, please don’t, just a bit on a crazy side…..

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