Fishies and dedication

It looks like a theme of this week is tiredness….Not to complain {and yes I am complaining}, but I got really spoiled with Kiki sleeping through the night. All of a sudden two nights in a row of waking up in the middle of a night and I am cranky and “gumpi”, as Kiki would say. I really hope this is not becoming our norm, but just a temporary something – teething, full moon, growth spurt, whatever it is, I hope it ends. But my “gumpiness” needs to end too so I am calling it a night – early. This FFG needs her beauty sleep. 

Thankfully the chef took care of Kiki and dinner tonight. He made one of my favorite high protein dinners – tilapia, black bean and peppers salsa – yum, yum, yum.

It’s not the most photogenic food, but it’s so delicious. I am sure some parsley would do the magic but I am not the parsley girl.

It is such a filling, refreshing and healthy dinner. The fish was good, good good – fresh and flaky, just the way I like it.

While enjoying my dinner, I was watching Olympics, more specifically the swimming competition. It’s absolutely incredible how those men and women become one with water – the gracefulness, the strength and the beauty of their bodies moving through the water is absolutely astounding to me – just like fishies. 


I think more than anything, it’s dedication that these athletes have. Absolutely incredible! Tonight I will be dedicated to my decision and go to bed early. Hope you are enjoying the Olympics and getting a good night of sleep…

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